The Art of Kissing

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The closest connection between you and your mate starts with a heavenly kiss.
Is it a lost art? Do we take enough time to understand what a kiss communicates? In this microwave age of give me what I want, when I want it… I wonder, do millennia’s take time to appreciate how a kiss connects?

The foundation of your sexual attachment to each other starts with a kiss. Kissing exemplifies your commitment to your mate, and it guarantees that there is an initial bond. Without a real kissing connection, your lovemaking is merely an apple pie without the apples. Understanding ‘the art of kissing’ is appreciating your partner in a way that only tongues and lips allow.

Can everyone kiss? It’s relative, but if you follow my guidelines, you too can be a great kisser. It’s nothing more gratifying as a Man, than when a woman enjoys the softness of your lips and the submissiveness of your tongue.

1.     Tongue language = Men, pay attention to your woman’s tongue language she’ll tell you with her tongue how she desires to be kissed. Since the woman controls the sexual energy, you must follow her tongue directives.

2.     Never overindulge your tongue inside of a lady’s mouth. ¼ to ½ is all your mate needs (unless they reach for more.)

3.     Men, place one hand on the small of your woman’s back and the other on the back of her head, bring her into you while looking into her eyes. Kiss her gently yet intensely so that she recognizes your virility.

4.     When the kiss is intense grab and palm her ass and grasp it while continuing to enjoy the continuity of the kiss.

5.     An overly wet kiss (relative) is a bad kiss, you’re not dogs and salivating is a turnoff. If you enjoy your mate, exchanging saliva is one of your greatest expressions of lust.

6.     Kissing requires work on both parts, you’re both equal, and no one should be dominating the other. Kissing shouldn’t be work, but a joy.

7.     When someone tells you they don’t kiss. That may be their way of saying they’re not into you. Almost everyone enjoys a kiss, but some don’t want the emotional attachment that comes along with kissing. Why in the Blue-Blazers would you penetrate or receive someone but say, “I can’t kiss you?’!!!


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